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Studio Project

Microcosm - Indexical Transformations

Harvard Graduate School of Design

From research on Manhattan’s urban configuration together with computational design processes, this project explores a Manhattan micro-geography, a reinterpretation of the city, to accommodate a  Museum of the Image.


The design process relies on 4-steps that combines ‘intuition’ and ‘the machine’ to integrate these conceptual and programmatic intentions. Intuition depends on the designer’s decisions curating non-negotiable aspects of the project. The machine side relies on the ‘Slat’ and ‘Pack Unit’, computational tools. The selection of these computational tool responds to its capacity generating linear spatial configurations in which the program can be inserted.


Indexical Transformations pursues a microcosm of New York by reenacting the formal and experiential characteristics of Manhattan: creating a city within the city conformed by controlled art spaces and open urban ones.

Project Team: George Guida, Ana Loayza Nolasco


Harvard Graduate School of Design, with George L. Legendre



NY Micrography


Museum Entrance


Sequential Wall Conditions

Museum as Process

Grasshopper Methodology

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