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AI + Architecture Lectures + Workshops 2024

Harvard University, Northeastern University, University of South California, University of Florida, Florida Atlantic University

NCARB Regional Summit March 2024

Artificial Intelligence in Architecture: Future of Practice - AI Keynote in 2024 NCARB Summit, Georgia


ACADIA Paper & 3D AI Workshop 2023

Publication of ongoing research into 3D machine learning applications in design and architecture. 

Dezeen Interview - Architects + AI ​July 2023

Interview as part of the Atopia series exploring how AI will impact architecture and design.

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Pages from CAADRIA_2023_BOOKLET PAGES_v3-4.jpg

CAADRIA Conference ​March 2023

AI and ML in Design Chair for CAADRIA conference in India.

Multimodal Architecture ​March 2023

Publication of ML + Design Paper in CAADRIA Conference.


eCAADe Robotics Paper Presentation ​Sept 2022

Material-based design and fabrication Session Discussion

DigitalFUTURES Talk: Metaverse and Architecture ​Aug 2022

Panel discussion on the future of architecture and the metaverse.


DigitalFUTURES Thesis Lecture ​June 2022

Multimodal Architecture Lecture during Generative Metaverse Workshop 

Harvard Digital Design Prize 2022

Thesis Digital Design Design Prize 2022 from Harvard Graduate School of Design 


Unbuilt.XYZ NFT Marketplace ​Feb 2022

Onboarded as selected 100 artists for new NFT Marketplace with front page feature. 

Mona Metaverse Finalist ​Feb 2022

Finalist for metaverse NFT social and gallery space competition.

Photo 20-09-2021, 00 37 00.jpg

Physical Computing Workshop ​September 2021

Workshop for students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on physical computing, Arduino, Grasshopper, and Firefly workflows.

AutoDesk Panel Moderator ​2021

Panel discussion with Chin-Yi Cheng on AI Research, Applications and Vision. 


Dezeen Interview - Top AI Companies ​August 2023

Second Interview as part of the Atopia series exploring top 10 AI and architecture companies.


Neural 3D Synthesis ​March 2023

Workshop on 3D geometry manipulation using custom Grasshopper, Stable Diffusion and NeRF workflows.

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Sunken Blimp CreativeAI Lecture ​Aug 2022

Lecture on CreativeAI in Architecture presented within the interactive metaverse space. 


Future of Mobility Award ​Second Prize 2022

Awarded Second Prize on Future of Mobility competition between Bergamo and Harvard GSD.


EdTech Metaverse Startup ​Ongoing

Harvard + MIT EdTech Metaverse + Web3 Startup 


Sensing Space Symposium ​September 2021

Symposium at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on sensing spaces. 

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