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Ongoing Project

GSD Hallucinations

George Gund Hall, Harvard Graduate School of Design

GSD Hallucinations questions what is the Gund Hall and what is physical. After more than a year since Gund hall closed, this exhibition explores this distant memory for some and imaginary figure for many. The concrete walls, stepped trays and deep blue glazed facades have become mental constructs carved by old images, Instagram posts, and Sarah Whiting’s nostalgic Zoom backgrounds.

As many students have left Cambridge, Gund Hall remains in their minds as individual fragments. The way in which each of us uses memory to abstract Gund Hall is a similar process to Generative Adversarial Networks. This project begins with the collection of over 1000 memories scattered in latent space as 512-dimensional vectors. Two trained GAN models, including the style transfer into the cubist eyes of Pablo Picasso help visualize this latent space, representing our distorted collective memory of this past year.

Producers: George Guida (MArch II 2022), Dongyun Kim (MDes Tech 2022)

Exhibition Curators: Hermano Luz Rodrigues (MDes ADPD 2021), Birdia Zuo (MDes ADPD 2021), Stephanie Lee Yeung (MDes ADPD 2021), Shiyu Liu (MDes ADPD 2022), Shane Ah-Siong (MDes ADPD 2022)


Harvard GSD Kirkland Gallery Exhibition: 2021.4 A Search for a Virtual Harvard            

Harvard GSD Exhibition: Gallery 40k : That is a Wrap Exhibition

Video Duration: 1 min, 52 sec

Dataset 1
Dataset 1
StyleGan 01
StyleGan 02
StyleGan Picasso 01
StyleGan Picasso 02
StyleGan Picasso 03
StyleGan Picasso 04
Gund Projection
Gund Projection
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