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Augmented Reality app

The increasing development of Augmented Reality (AR) applications have found prevalence within construction stages of architectural projects. The workflows developed within digital fabrication and assembly processes provide insights on how the design cycle could be completed through mixed reality. In this paper we present VitruviAR, an AR prototype for handheld devices which focuses on the design ideation stages of a project through an intuitive user interface and multi-functional toolset. Three design methodologies relating to the act of sketching digitally are proposed: freeform 3D sketching in point-based meshes, additive 3D sketching with primitive and scanned objects, and computational 3D sketching via a User Datagram Protocol (UDP). These each demonstrate engaging ways of designing and visualizing new spaces and interacting with urban contexts in real-time.

Keywords: Augmented Reality, Concept Design, Accessible User Interface, Visualization, Generative Design

Project Team: George Guida, Taeyong Kim, Dongyun Kim

Diagrams Vitruviar_UI.jpg
Diagrams Vitruviar_UI
Diagrams Vitruviar
Diagrams Vitruviar2
Diagrams Vitruviar3
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