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Ongoing Project

Self Compass

Mixed Reality Installation

Selected as part of the 2022 Harvard Arts First Festival, this pavilion reflects on the notion of hyper-reality through the creation of ‘Self-Compass’, an immersive mixed reality art installation. By merging the physical with overlayed digital 3D content, this study proposes a view of the metaverse as an extension of reality rather than a digitized replacement of it. This was demonstrated by augmenting a modular installation with an immersive digital counterpart through an augmented reality (AR) application accessible through mobile devices. ‘Self-compass’ combined a timber structure and a digital AR display into a radial configuration that framed eight views, revealing imaginary axis across and beyond the immediate context, and inviting reflections on the relationship between oneself and place. The AR overlay merges meaning with data, allowing one to rethink the physical through the digital, and providing awareness of our impact on place across time.

The research supporting this project evaluates applied methods of merging digital and physical objects together through a mixed reality (MR) installation. It expands on current workflows through the development of an AR mobile application and examines simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) techniques, essential in the alignment of digital content within real-world environments. The project illustrates the potential applications and impact of AR technologies within design practices by augmenting the physical and revealing a new hyper-reality.

Keywords: Mixed Reality, Hyper-Reality, Immersive Design, Augmented Reality, Installation

Main Authors: George Guida, Ana Loayza

Augmented Reality Development: Garvin Gospel

Project Collaborators: Thomas Kuei, Jeff Stevens, Taeyong Kim

Pavilion Locations: 

01: Harvard Arts Festival 2022, Harvard Yard, April-May 2022

02: Exhibited in Harvard GSD Yard, May 2022

03: Sofar Concert, May 2022

04: Studio 80+ Sculpture Grounds, Connecticut, June - August 2022


Office for the Arts at Harvard:

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