RIBA 66 Portland Place

ARB+RIBA Architect Qualification

London - December 2018

Registered to the Architects Registration Board and Charted Member of RIBA.

Foster + Partners

Thesis Presentation to Lord Norman Foster

London - March 2018

Presentation of final year AA Diploma thesis to Lord Norman Foster & design boards at Foster + Parners.

The Sir John Cass School of Art

Everything Out The Door Exhibition

London - March 2018

After the workshop and exhibition produced at CAMPO in September 2017, Everything Out the Door was showcased in London at The Cass, Metropolitan University.

The research project is a reflection on the Dream Beds, a project by Archizoom of 1967 that intended to contaminate the domestic space with all the aspects of life that modern culture had rejected. Together with Jacopo Colarossi, we exhibited 'L'Hospice Pour Paresseux: Apse of the Profane' - a response to Fake Industries image submission.  


Exhibition curated by Matteo Costanzo and Maria Sheherazade Giudici.

Bee Breeders Architecture Competition

HUTONG 2.0 - Honourable Mention

Collective Living - China - October 2017

Hutong 2.0 proposes a new housing typology defined by a new collective social order. It intends to establish a traditional yet progressive lineage with the Chinese courtyard typology with community at its core. Composed of a series of modular 4 x 4 units, its open design revolves around a central patio. A gradient of collectiveness is established from the most private of spaces – the intimate 4 x 4 unit, through the shared living spaces and ultimately to a fully public external courtyard.

While the courtyard typology (Si He Yuan) historically reflected a social order, it presented one of the most distinct architectural representations of communal living. The central void or yard which defined this collective space became a key inspiration in our project. People are brought along a series of often ambiguous shared internal spaces, all overlooking a public and green courtyard. While it establishes a strong internal community the project is, at the same time, porous towards the city.


Everything Out the Door Exhibition

L'Hospice Pour Paresseux: Apse of the Profane

Rome, CAMPO - September 2017

Taking the conveyor belt as the mechanism of production, L’Hospice Pour Paresseaux enables perfect acts of unproduction, or rather, a linear production of sins. A space of retreat and transition, 10 sins are offered: curiosity, envy, greed, gluttony, wrath, pride, revenge, despair, sloth and lust. While everyone is welcome, its location can only found by the lazy and sinful.


by George Guida & Jacopo A. Colarossi.

In collaboration with Fake Industries Architectural Agonism, Black Square and Campo.