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AA Diploma 2 Thesis 2015-16


Nicosia, Cyprus

Watchtowers, barbed wire fences and walls still stand from a conflict that divided Cyprus over four decades ago. In light of a second attempt of political reunification, the divided capital of Nicosia becomes a testing ground of coexistence. A long term phasing process begins above the Ledra Street Border Crossing, defined by a system of interlaced pathways and observational nodes.

Under the supervision of the United Nations, the boundary conditions dividing this derelict middle ground are gradually breached. While the first phases provides opportunities of exposure to each other, the second phases introduces a series of cultural and political spaces, where the events gains the role as mediator. Visibility, exposure, and communal event spaces therefore become political tools necessary to drive this otherwise isolated political decision making process in hope of a united future.

Theatre of Coexistence
Pathway Render
Boundary Conditions
A Divided City
2. UN Buffer Zone
Phasing Coexistence
Sequence Sections
Sequence Plans
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