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Bee Breeders International Architecture Competition

HUTONG 2.0 - Honourable Mention

Collective Living - China - October 2017

Hutong 2.0 proposes a new housing typology defined by a new collective social order. It intends to establish a traditional yet progressive lineage with the Chinese courtyard typology with community at its core. Composed of a series of modular 4 x 4 units, its open design revolves around a central patio. A gradient of collectiveness is established from the most private of spaces – the intimate 4 x 4 unit, through the shared living spaces and ultimately to a fully public external courtyard.

While the courtyard typology (Si He Yuan) historically reflected a social order, it presented one of the most distinct architectural representations of communal living. The central void or yard which defined this collective space became a key inspiration in our project. People are brought along a series of often ambiguous shared internal spaces, all overlooking a public and green courtyard. While it establishes a strong internal community the project is, at the same time, porous towards the city.


Competition Interview Image
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