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AA Diploma 8 Thesis 2016-17


Rome, Italy

The architectural project of the urban block should no longer emerge simply as a self-referential, autonomous building in the city, but as a new centrality conceived in the manner of an inverted and open typology. Through a series of indexical transformations within the dysfunctional city of Rome, this new project of the city embraces the idea of continuity as a result of a public ‘golden ground’.


Together with the creation of a Roman ‘Anti-block’ typology, the inversion of a series of domestic and institutional urban blocks enable the activation of the city from within. Collective living spaces begin rupturing the traditional apartment layout, making way for the conversion of circulation space into space of shared uses. Hybrid programs, from cultural spaces to co-working spaces make way into each of the lower levels, leading down to a new and truly Roman public square.

Collective Methodology
City of Golden Squares
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