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Synthesizing Design Technology

I am an Italian-American research associate at the Harvard Laboratory for Design Technologies and co-founder of the design practice ArchiTAG LLP, working to synthesize design and technology. I also teach courses on prototyping with code and AI + Architecture at Northeastern University and the Wentworth Institute of Technology. My main research interest lies in understanding the architecture of complex contemporary challenges and developing prototypes for a more participatory, responsive, and innovative future. This spans the creative applications of machine learning, extended reality, computational design, and zero-carbon practices. My education extends from the Harvard Graduate School of Design to the Architectural Association School of Architecture and Oxford Brookes University. I have previously worked as a researcher at the MIT Media Lab, in leading firms in Italy, Kuwait, and most recently at Foster + Partners in London as a LEED AP BD+C certified ARB/RIBA Architect. Oh, and I am constantly seeking new outdoor adventures as an avid rock climber. 

Whats on my desk?

machine learning.


Architectural Intelligence ​2024 UMN

1 Week Intensive Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Architecture, from the future of practice to creative workflows.

AI + Architecture Lecture Series ​2024 

Harvard University, Northeastern University, University of South California, University of Florida, Florida Atlantic University


From Datasets to Places ​2024 WIT

Teaching a Generative AI + Architecture class focused on the future of design + interface using AI code and tools. 

3D Neural Synthesis ​2023 ACADIA

Research into gaining control with 3D machine learning workflows, from Rhino to NeRF and Gaussian Splats.

Architectural Intelligence Research Ongoing

Ongoing research on creative applications of 2D & 3D multimodal generative AI models and workflows. This maintains a view of AI as tool vs competitive anthropomorphic agent, bringing forward an evolving role of architects and designers within the creative process. 

SkillVerse Pitch Deck.jpg

Self Compass ​2022

Mixed Reality Pavilion for the Harvard Arts Festival to rethink one's role within Harvard and the wider community.

Multimodal Architecture Thesis 2022

Applications of Language in a Machine Learning Design Aided Process, Harvard GSD Thesis 2022

EdTech VR + AI Startup ​Ongoing 

AI Platform wehere students can master soft skills, developed at Harvard & MIT Sloane and Media Lab.


Multimodal AI ​Ongoing

Current research on the creative architectural applications of multimodal 2D and 3D machine learning models.

GSD Hallucinations Exhibition ​2021

A series of machine learning style transfers give us a a glimpse into this distorted collective memory of Gund Hall during this virtual year.

2D & 3D ML Applications ​Ongoing Research

Research at the Harvard Laboratory for Design Technologies with Prof. Andrew Witt


DigitalFUTURES Workshop Teaching 2022 

Generative Metaverse provided an introduction to text-image ML models, metaverse and Web 3.0.

Harvard GSD ML Workshop Teaching ​2022

Exquisite Corpse 2.0 – Machine Learning Applications in Architectural Design

Digital Futures Workshop Teaching 2021 

This workshop provided an introduction to Machine Intelligence(MI)—Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


PlacemakingAI ​2022

In this project we investigate the convergence of both a generative image methodology and this real-time urban prototyping and visualization tool, ultimately fostering engagement within the urban design process for citizens, designers, and stakeholders alike.

Project Link

CAADRIA Paper Link


Gund.IO ​2021

eCAADe Conference Paper. In light of the current pandemic, Gund.IO proposes a new dynamic, social and educational virtual community space.


Robotic Prototyping ​2019

Computationally generated facade prototype, hot wire cut by 6-axis robotic arm in collaboration with Dataforms Lab.


VitruviAR ​2021

SIGraDi Conference Paper on Interactive Augmented Reality application and workflow for concept design stages.


Flexi  ​2021

In light of the current pandemic, Flexi is a collaborative governance tool for simulating future mobility and urban design. Collab @MITMediaLab 

Robotic Fabrication - Modulo Continuo ​2022

5-Axis Additive Manufacturing Applications in Evaporative Cooling Facades. Collab @HarvardGSD


Carmona Guida_CliffordWongPrize2022_Page_01.jpg

Miami Gateway ​2022

Awarded second Prize in the Harvard GSD Plimpton Poorvu Design Prize 2022 in challenging the housing crisis in Miami.


Urban Microcosm ​2021

Located in New York, this project uses novel computational processes to imagine the future of the museum.


Greenhouse Archipelago ​2020

Located in Zurich, Switzerland, this project proposes a new type of urban industry.


Robotic Timber Fabrication ​Research

This project uses advanced robotics fabrication technologies to explore novel architectural and structural solutions.

Layered Edges ​2021

Located near Madrid, Spain this pavilion investigates a playful material layering through a mathematical form finding process.


Anti-Isolato ​2019

Anti-Isolato proposes a new typology for multigenerational and collective living in Rome, Italy.

selected publications

Multimodal Architecture CAADRIA Conference ​2023

Guida, G. (2023) MultimodalArchitecture: Applications of Language in a Machine Larning Aided Design Process. Proceedings of the 28th International Conference of the Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia.

This paper contributes to our understanding of diffusion models in the generation of new concept designs, presenting a prototype for a user interface of text-to-image-to-3D form generation applied to a proof-of-concept project.

Project Link

Modulo Continuo - eCAADe Conference ​2022

Gan, Amelia Wen Jiun, Guida, George, Kim, Dongyun, Shah, Devashree, Youn, Hyejun and Seibold, Zach (2022). Modulo Continuo - 5-axis ceramic additive manufacturing applications for evaporative cooling facades modules. Co-creating the Future: Inclusion in and through Design - Proceedings of the 40th Conference on Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe (eCAADe 2022), Ghent, 13-16 September 2022, pp. 47–55

Combining the affordances of a 6-axis robotic arm, paste-based extrusion, and terracotta clay, Modulo Continuo presents methods for part customization of evaporative cooling facade modules.

Project Link

Paper Link

Gund.IO - eCAADe Conference ​2021

Guida, G., Tian, R. and Dong, Y. (2021). Multimodal Virtual Experience for Design Schools in the Immersive Web. Towards a new, configurable architecture - Proceedings of the 39th eCAADe Conference, 1, pp.415–424. is a prototype that builds upon the wide experiential potential of digital platforms, otherwise not possible in reality, and implements a customized multi-modal user interface for web and VR applications.

Project Link

Paper Link

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