Hello! I'm an architect and creative technologist working at the intersection of society, technology, and design.

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London - Rome - Isola d'Elba - Boston - Hong Kong

Architecture   Technology  Machine Learning

Urban Microcosm ​2021

Located in New York, this project uses novel computational processes to imagine the future of the museum.

Greenhouse Archipelago ​2020

Located in Zurich, Switzerland, this project proposes a new type of urban industry.

Layered Edges ​2021

Located near Madrid, Spain this pavilion investigates a playful material layering through a mathematical form finding process.

Anti-Isolato ​2019

Anti-Isolato proposes a new typology for multigenerational and collective living in Rome, Italy.

Robotic Timber Fabrication ​Research

This project uses advanced robotics fabrication technologies to explore novel architectural and structural solutions.

Hutong 2.0 ​2017

Hutong 2.0 proposes a new housing typology defined by collective spaces in Beijing, China.

Architecture   Technology   Machine Learning

Gund.IO ​Ongoing

In light of the current pandemic, Gund.IO proposes a new dynamic, social and educational virtual community space.

VitruviAR ​Ongoing

Interactive Augmented Reality application and workflow for concept design stages.

Robotic Prototyping ​2019

Computationally generated facade prototype, hot wire cut by 6-axis robotic arm in collaboration with Dataforms Lab.

Architecture   Technology  Machine Learning

GSD Hallucinations ​Ongoing

A series of machine learning style transfers give us a a glimpse into this distorted collective memory of Gund Hall during this virtual year.

PlacemakingAI ​Ongoing

This project proposes a novel method for generating and visualizing walkable urban streets supported by GANs.

Reimagined Landscape ​2021

Investigations on the visual and architectural uses of 2D style transfers and 3DGAN.