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Synthesizing Design Technology

I am an Italian-American research associate at the Harvard Laboratory for Design Technologies and co-founder of the design practice ArchiTAG LLP, working to synthesize design and technology. My main research interest lies in understanding the architecture of complex contemporary challenges and developing prototypes for a more participatory, responsive, and innovative future. This currently spans the creative applications of 2D & 3D machine learning, web3, metaverse, virtual & augmented reality, computational design, and zero-carbon practices. My education extends from the Harvard Graduate School of Design to the Architectural Association School of Architecture and Oxford Brookes University. I have previously worked as a researcher at the MIT Media Lab, in leading firms in Italy, Kuwait, and most recently at Foster + Partners in London as a LEED AP BD+C certified ARB/RIBA Architect. Oh, and I am constantly seeking new outdoor adventures as an avid rock climber. 

Whats on my desk?

Architecture   Technology  Machine Learning

Architectural Intelligence Research Ongoing

Ongoing research on creative applications of 2D & 3D multimodal generative AI models and workflows. This maintains a view of AI as tool vs competitive anthropomorphic agent, bringing forward an evolving role of architects and designers within the creative process. 

SkillVerse Pitch Deck.jpg

Self Compass ​2022

Mixed Reality Pavilion for the Harvard Arts Festival to rethink one's role within Harvard and the wider community.

Multimodal Architecture Thesis 2022

Applications of Language in a Machine Learning Design Aided Process, Harvard GSD Thesis 2022

EdTech VR + AI Startup ​Ongoing 

VR Platform wehere students can master soft skills, developed at Harvard & MIT Media Lab


Multimodal AI ​Ongoing

Current research on the creative architectural applications of multimodal 2D and 3D machine learning models.

GSD Hallucinations ​Ongoing

A series of machine learning style transfers give us a a glimpse into this distorted collective memory of Gund Hall during this virtual year.

2D & 3D ML Applications ​Ongoing Research

Research at the Harvard Laboratory for Design Technologies with Prof. Andrew Witt


Digital Futures Workshop Teaching 2021 

This workshop provided an introduction to Machine Intelligence(MI)—Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

DigitalFUTURES Workshop Teaching 2022 

Generative Metaverse provided an introduction to text-image ML models, metaverse and Web 3.0.

Harvard GSD ML Workshop Teaching ​2022

Exquisite Corpse 2.0 – Machine Learning Applications in Architectural Design

PlacemakingAI ​Ongoing

In this project we investigate the convergence of both a generative image methodology and this real-time urban prototyping and visualization tool, ultimately fostering engagement within the urban design process for citizens, designers, and stakeholders alike.

Project Link

CAADRIA Paper Link

Architecture   Technology   Machine Learning


Gund.IO ​Ongoing

eCAADe Conference Paper. In light of the current pandemic, Gund.IO proposes a new dynamic, social and educational virtual community space.


Robotic Prototyping ​2019

Computationally generated facade prototype, hot wire cut by 6-axis robotic arm in collaboration with Dataforms Lab.


VitruviAR ​2021

SIGraDi Conference Paper on Interactive Augmented Reality application and workflow for concept design stages.


Flexi  ​2021

In light of the current pandemic, Flexi is a collaborative governance tool for simulating future mobility and urban design. Collab @MITMediaLab 

Robotic Fabrication - Modulo Continuo ​Ongoing

5-Axis Additive Manufacturing Applications in Evaporative Cooling Facades. Collab @HarvardGSD

Architecture   Technology  Machine Learning

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Miami Gateway ​2022

Awarded second Prize in the Harvard GSD Plimpton Poorvu Design Prize 2022 in challenging the housing crisis in Miami.


Urban Microcosm ​2021

Located in New York, this project uses novel computational processes to imagine the future of the museum.


Greenhouse Archipelago ​2020

Located in Zurich, Switzerland, this project proposes a new type of urban industry.


Robotic Timber Fabrication ​Research

This project uses advanced robotics fabrication technologies to explore novel architectural and structural solutions.

Layered Edges ​2021

Located near Madrid, Spain this pavilion investigates a playful material layering through a mathematical form finding process.


Anti-Isolato ​2019

Anti-Isolato proposes a new typology for multigenerational and collective living in Rome, Italy.

selected publications

Modulo Continuo - eCAADe Conference ​2022

Gan, Amelia Wen Jiun, Guida, George, Kim, Dongyun, Shah, Devashree, Youn, Hyejun and Seibold, Zach (2022). Modulo Continuo - 5-axis ceramic additive manufacturing applications for evaporative cooling facades modules. Co-creating the Future: Inclusion in and through Design - Proceedings of the 40th Conference on Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe (eCAADe 2022), Ghent, 13-16 September 2022, pp. 47–55

Combining the affordances of a 6-axis robotic arm, paste-based extrusion, and terracotta clay, Modulo Continuo presents methods for part customization of evaporative cooling facade modules.

Project Link

Paper Link

VitruviAR - SIGraDi Conference ​2021

Kim, T., Guida, G. and Kim, D. (2021). VitruviAR: Interactive Augmented Reality for Early Design Stage Applications.  SIGraDi 2021 Designing Possibilities Ubiquitous Conference, 1, pp.1101–1112.

VitruviAR is an AR prototype for handheld devices that focuses on the design ideation stages of a project through an intuitive user interface and multifunctional toolset.

Project Link


Gund.IO - eCAADe Conference ​2021

Guida, G., Tian, R. and Dong, Y. (2021). Multimodal Virtual Experience for Design Schools in the Immersive Web. Towards a new, configurable architecture - Proceedings of the 39th eCAADe Conference, 1, pp.415–424. is a prototype that builds upon the wide experiential potential of digital platforms, otherwise not possible in reality, and implements a customized multi-modal user interface for web and VR applications.

Project Link

Paper Link


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eCAADe Robotics Paper Presentation ​Sept 2022

Material-based design and fabrication Session Discussion

DigitalFUTURES Talk: Metaverse and Architecture ​Aug 2022

Panel discussion on the future of architecture and the metaverse.

Sunken Blimp CreativeAI Lecture ​Aug 2022

Lecture on CreativeAI in Architecture presented within the interactive metaverse space. 


DigitalFUTURES Thesis Lecture ​June 2022

Multimodal Architecture Lecture during Generative Metaverse Workshop 

Harvard Digital Design Prize 2022

Thesis Digital Design Design Prize 2022 from Harvard Graduate School of Design 


Future of Mobility Award ​Second Prize 2022

Awarded Second Prize on Future of Mobility competition between Bergamo and Harvard GSD.


Unbuilt.XYZ NFT Marketplace ​Feb 2022

Onboarded as selected 100 artists for new NFT Marketplace with front page feature. 

Mona Metaverse Finalist ​Feb 2022

Finalist for metaverse NFT social and gallery space competition.

Photo 20-09-2021, 00 37 00.jpg

Physical Computing Workshop ​September 2021

Workshop for students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on physical computing, Arduino, Grasshopper, and Firefly workflows.


AutoDesk Panel Moderator ​2021

Panel discussion with Chin-Yi Cheng on AI Research, Applications and Vision. 


EdTech Metaverse Startup ​Ongoing

Harvard + MIT EdTech Metaverse + Web3 Startup 


Sensing Space Symposium ​September 2021

Symposium at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on sensing spaces. 

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